Python Tutorial: Easy to learn Syntax

Python Tutorial Easy to learn Syntax
Python Tutorial Easy to learn Syntax

Irrespective of whether the learner is an experienced programmer or first-time programmer, it is not difficult for him to pick python. Python is a high level, object-oriented, interpreted programming language. Python comes with dynamic semantics.

When it comes to RAD or Rapid Application Development, python is the best choice. This is because; it comes with a high level, built-in data structures. Along with this these are also combined with dynamic binding and dynamic typing which makes it even more attractive. These features also help in using python as glue language or scripting language in connecting the existing components together.


Python has very simple and easy to learn syntax. This succeeds in emphasizing the readability. This is the reason when python is used, there will be less cost for maintenance. Python supports packages and modules. This feature can bring up code reuse as well as program modularity. The extensive library and interpreter of the python are available in binary or source form without any cost for almost all major platforms. Hence this can be distributed freely.

The main reason behind a huge number of fan followers is due to its feature of increased productivity. When python is used there will not be any compilation step. Moreover the editing-testing- debugging cycle in the case of python is very fast. Debugging a piece of code in python is incredibly easy. In these programs, there will not be any segmentation fault, due to bad input or bug in the program.

When the interpreter faces an error in the program, it just raises an exception. In case if the program couldn’t catch the exception, then the interpreter will print a stack trace. So, this source level debugging results in the inspection of both global and local variables, setting breakpoints, arbitrary expression evaluation, and debugging the program code one line at a time.

The debugger for python is also written in Python. It is always better to add few printable statements when you are debugging the python code. This is the easiest and quickest way to debug a python code. So, it becomes really effective as well as easy when it comes to debugging python code if we follow this approach.

Benefits of Python

There are many benefits of writing code in python or using python as a programming language for applications. For the first time programmers, python is the best choice to start with. This is because comparatively, it is very easy to learn. Along with this, python learning can be used as a stepping stone for learning other frameworks and programming languages. In case if the learner is a beginner and he is starting with the python language as his first ever programming language, then it can be really beneficial for him.

Today python is used by all big giants like Pinterest, Google, Disney, Instagram, Yahoo, IBM, Nokia, and many more. Along with this Raspberry PI which is DIY fan’s dream and mini – the computer is supported by a python as the main programming language. This is the reason once the developer learns python then, there are many ways to utilize his skills. There are a lot of companies which are running on python’s support. So, it is also possible to earn enough as a python developer. Some of the other benefits of python include:

  • Python is used in developing prototypes. Suing python it becomes easy and fast to develop prototypes. This is because of the readability and easy to use features of python.
  • Majority of the big data platforms, data mining, and even automation are relying on python. The reason behind this is python is considered an ideal choice when it comes to handling general purpose tasks.
  • Python is not like C# or Java which are considered as massive languages. Python results in better and productive coding environment. This helps for experienced coders to be more productive and meantime well organized when they choose python for programming.
  • Even in the case of beginners python allows easy programming because it is easy to read. So, the developer need not be a skilled programmer to start with python. With a lot of practice and patience, it is possible, to begin with, python programming.
  • Python is the best choice when it comes to teams like large development teams and multi-programmer teams.
  • The web application framework called Django which is the completely open source is powered by python. The development process of python can also be simplified by using frameworks like Ruby-on-Rails.
  • The best thing is python is open source and it comes with support base which is massive. On the daily basis, there are developers who are like minded are working on this language. They are aimed to improve python’s core functionality. As time progresses there will be updates and continues enhancements on this language. So, this will becomes the greatest way when it comes to networking with other developers.

Python Basis

Python is considered to be powerful and easy to learn a programming language. This it comes with a very simple and effective approach for object-oriented programming. The best thing is the python interpreter can easily be extended with new data types and functions which are implemented in C or C++. When it comes to customizable applications, python can be utilized as an extension language.

Even though python is a very simple language to use, remember it is a real programming language. Compared to batch files and shell scripts, python can offer better support as well as structure for large programs. Error checking is better in python compared to C. This is because python is a high-level programming language and hence comes with a high-level built-in data types. It has flexible dictionaries and arrays.

So, when it comes to the much larger problem domain, python is the best choice since it has more general data types compared to Perl or Awk. So, like this, there are many things which are comparatively much easier in Python than in any other language.

Python also allows splitting of the program into many modules as per requirement. This allows code reusability. These modules can be utilized in other python programs. Along with this, it also has a large bundle of standard modules which are used as the basis for many programs. There are standard modules for file I/O, sockets, system calls, and interfaces are also available which can be used for graphical user interface like Tk.

The time for program development is always less in python since it is interpreted language. There is no time wasted for the compilation of the program. Even linking is not necessary for python programs. It becomes very easy when it comes to interacting with the Python programming features since its interpreter can be used very interactively. This also makes it easy to test functions, throw away programs when the bottom-up approach is used for program development.

Python allows programs to be written readable and compactly. Compared to C, C++, and Java programs, programs written in Python are much shorter. There are many reasons for this. Some of them are:

  • In a single statement, it is possible to express high-level data types in python programs.
  • Through using indentation it is possible to group statements in Python. So, no need to use beginning or ending brackets in Python.
  • Python does not demand a declaration of arguments and variables.

Python is an extensible language. If the developer knows to programme in C, then he can easily work with python. It is very easy to add modules built-in functions to the interpreter. This allows linking graphics library, performing critical tasks at high speed. Once the developer gets hands-on he can link application written in C to the Python interpreter. This way he can use it as command language or extension for that particular application.

Features of Python

Even though there are numerous programming languages available today, the languages like python still listed at the top because of its unique features. There are many features of python which convey the reason behind choosing this language by giants like Google, IBM, or Disney.

The best features of python are it is easy to read, easy to code and very expressive. Just by spending a few hours, even the beginner can learn python programming. Mastering python may demand an understanding of modules, packages, and even advanced concepts of python. Python code is like English since it is high-level language. So, it is easy to understand what the code is doing just by looking at it. Readability is achieved through indentation.

Python is a very expressive language. There is more focus on the solution rather on syntax in python programming. This is the best feature of python.

The best thing is anyone can download python freely. It is open source as well. So, anyone can download python and start using it. Just follow the given installation tutorial available online. Along with this, since it is open source, anyone can access the source code. Just download it, change it, and use it.

In the case of python, there is no need to remember system architecture. This is because python is a high-level language. There is no need to worry about memory. This is the reason python is considered as programmer-friendly language.

Python is portable. Let’s say a code is written in python for Windows machine. Same code programmer needs to run on Mac. So, there is no need to change the code. So, once the code is written in python it can be run on any machine without change. So, this avoids writing different code for different machines. This is the reason python is called as portable language.

Python is interpreted language. In case of languages like Java, C++, one must compile the code and then run the same. But compilation is not necessary for Python. There will be the conversion of source code into bytecode internally in case of python program. So, the developer just needs to run the program. There is no need to worry about things like linking the libraries etc.

In the case of the python program, the source code will be executed line by line rather all at once. This is reason python code is always easy to debug. Even though the interpretation takes more time compared to Java programs, there is a lot of other benefits.

Python is object-oriented programing language. This is the reason it can support real-world modelling. It always focuses on creating objects and combining functions and data. This is not the case with procedure-oriented languages which always revolve around functions. Even though python is object-oriented it also supports procedure-oriented programming. This is the key feature of python. Unlike Java, python supports even multiple inheritances.

Python is extensible. It is possible to write some part of the code in other languages like C or C++. This is the reason python is highly extensible. This means that python can be extended to any other language of your choice.

Python is embeddable. We understand that we can include other language code in Python source code. It is also possible that we can write some source code of python in other language programs like C++. This allows integration of scripting capabilities.

Python comes with the large standard library. So, there is no need to write code for many things in python. This is because when we download python it comes with the large standard library. There is a library for documentation- generation, regular expressions, threading, web browsers, CGI, databases, image manipulation, email, and for a lot of many more functionalities.

Python even allows GUI programming. So, using Tk it is possible to create GUIs in python. Along with these, python is a dynamically typed programming language. To understand this, in python the type for a value will be decided at runtime but not in advance. This is the reason developer need not mention or specify the data type for data when declaring a variable.


These are features which make python programming a special is object-oriented, interpreted, high level, and dynamically typed programming language. It is even free, open source, readable, portable, and easy to use programming language. It attracts programmers through its distinguished features. Python is highly scalable and hence supports large programs.

Python is widely used and general purpose programming language. Through the usage of English words, python stands different from all another programming language available. Python is the best combination of features and performance which brings ease to the programming. Due to its irresistible features, it has gained high popularity in the programming world.

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