How to Create Your Own Album Pages in HP Image Zone

How to Create Your Own Album Pages in HP Image Zone
How to Create Your Own Album Pages in HP Image Zone

HP Image Zone is great for creating Album Pages. You can insert photos into these album pages and then you can print them or store them on your computer. These pages are also great for scrapbookers. You can easily create scrapbook pages with the Album Pages in HP Image Zone. In this tutorial I am going to show you how to create the album pages right from the comfort of your home office. These pages can be created quickly using HP Image Zone.

Selecting the Photos for the Album Page

The first step to creating the album pages is selecting the photos to use. When the program opens, you will be on the View section of the program. This is where you will select your photos. On the left side of the panel you will see the list of folders. Look through those folders and find the folder with the photos that you want to use. Click the folder and you will see the photos on the right side of your screen. Below the photos, you will see the check boxes. Click the check box to select a photo. You can select as many photos as you want.


Selecting the Project

Next, you will need to select the Album Pages project. Click the Create tab at the top of your window. Then click the Album Pages button in the window. You will now be carried to the window to modify your page.

Modifying Your Album Page

Down the left side of the program you will see the menu. You should see Paper Size, Themes, Layout, etc. In the middle panel you will see your options and in the third panel you will see the preview of your album page. The bottom panel has the photos that you selected in it.

Go ahead and select the size paper that you will be using. Then click the Themes button and navigate through the themes in the middle column. To select a theme, simply click it. Next, you can click the Layout Button. Drop the box down in the middle panel and select the layout of your choice.

Next, you can click the Photos button. Your photos should already be in the page. If you have blank slots, you can drag the photos from the bottom panel. To move photos around, click them and drag them to another slot.


Click the Text button in the first column. Then change your text options in the middle column. Click the text areas on the page and type your text. You will need to click each text field to enter your text.

If you want to print the page, click the Print button. Adjust the settings to what you want and click Print. To save the page to your computer, click the Save button. Select the format that you wish to save the page as. Then enter a name for your album page and click Save.

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