Essential Tips to Extend Battery Life of Your Laptop

Essential Tips to Extend Battery Life of Your Laptop
Essential Tips to Extend Battery Life of Your Laptop

At present, most of the laptops are having sufficient battery power which can last for long time. If you are looking to improve your battery life then you must follow some tips such as dim the screen, change power settings, disable wifi or bluetooth, disconnect remove unnecessary peripherals, get second battery and upgrade to SSD. Mechanical hard disks are common in laptops and it is required watts to spin their platters.

Battery savers might perform few tweaks like lowering screen brightness and limiting background activity in order to achieve longer battery life. The biggest drain on any modern portable electronic device is that display. Reducing your screen brightness is one of the best ways to squeeze significantly more time from your laptop’s battery. Windows 10 might all you to see which application could be draining your battery.


Useful ways to extend battery life of your laptop

There are awesome numbers of the ways available to extend life your laptop which includes:

  • Activate your laptops eco mode or battery saver
  • Disable unused devices or ports
  • Adjust your settings
  • Turn off processes and apps
  • Simplify
  • Care and feeding batteries
  • Upgrade components
  • Battery backup

You are always advisable to bring external battery pack or spare battery which is one of the best ways to extend battery life. The easiest ways to reduce power consumption is to turn stuff off. Each component at your laptop requires power to function. Screen is hungry parts of laptop which takes serious amounts of battery power in order to keep your display looking bright and clear. Android operating system is offering many exciting features which include gps, wifi and countless app. Suppose you are using power saving mode then your screen brightness might be reduced. Reducing brightness might make screen harder to see especially outdoors.

If you are looking to extend laptop battery life, you must reduce keyboard and display power consumption. Majority of laptops are having hotkeys to decrease and increase screen brightness. Auto brightness mode is using less power rather than running your screen. Based on manufacturer of your laptop, they might offer battery maintenance tools. Heat is battery killer which might not kill its short term life. All laptops batteries are built for handling huge numbers of the charge cycles. In a modern world lithium batteries are durable but it might take so much heat. Multiple processes and apps running at your system might chew via battery life instantly.

How to extend laptop battery life

Battery saver is having capability to reduce display brightness by thirty percentages, stops mail app from synching, window update downloads and suspends background apps. Configure your laptop to various scenarios in which you use it. Battery might rely on the basic chemistry and it might die faster at extreme temperatures.

Microsoft edge is lighter on battery life rather than Firefox or Chrome. If you are doing some research then you can find out the best tips to improve your laptop battery life. Battery might leak power if they are not used after charging. You might configure your laptop to go to sleep sooner when you are not using it actively. People might change varieties of setting from power options window. There are excellent numbers of the ways are there to extend laptop battery life such as:

  • Hibernate instead of sleep
  • Lighten your software load
  • Run windows power troubleshooter
  • Tweak your power plan

Microsoft is always recommended to unplug hardware device which you are not using. USB device is biggest drainers of battery power. Unplug all external devices like pc cards, external mouse, bluetooth, external speaker and wifi. The led screen of the laptop is huge power sink and calibrates brightness to lowest level which you might tolerate by using function key toggles.


Useful techniques to extend laptop battery life

Laptop with blocked air vents might generate more heats which might reduce life of battery. Clean air vents regularly in order to keep operating temperatures low. Dimming screen brightness might add thirty minutes to your battery life and all laptops are having keyboard shortcuts to adjust brightness. By default, your laptop might be set to the windows balanced setting when compared to power saver.

If you are not using bluetooth or wifi then you might disable it because it might use fair amount of the power. All of the laptop batteries are built to handle specific numbers of the charge cycles. You might manually minimize amount of power which you are using by shutting off bluetooth and wifi when you are not using it. There are manual changes are available which is useful to reduce battery life of your laptop. You are suggested to use some effective strategies that are beneficial to improve battery life of your laptop.

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