Create Your Own Glitter Graphics for MySpace Using GEditor

Create Your Own Glitter Graphics for MySpace Using GEditor
Create Your Own Glitter Graphics for MySpace Using GEditor

In this tutorial I will show you how to create your own glitter graphics for MySpace. You will need to use a program called GEditor to use this tutorial. This program can be downloaded from This is a cool way to create your own personal glitter graphics for MySpace. In this program you can take any photo, logo, or image and add glitter to it. This program is basically like a paint program. You paint over the image or graphic using the glitter. There are many preset glitter styles in this program that you can use.

Open your GEditor

Open your GEditor program and let it load. If you are using the trial version, you can only use the first three presets. You will need to open the image that you want to apply the glitter too. On the right side of your program you will see a list of folders on your computer. This window is located at the top right. Locate the folder that has your image in it. Then double click it. In the bottom right panel you will see all the images that are in that folder. Double click the image that you want to open. Your image will open in the top middle window.


Use your mouse and click some where on your image. The place that you clicked will be outlined in black. Go to the left side of your window and click the glitter preset that you want to use. When you click the preset, you will see it in the bottom left panel. It is in the box that says Selected Blink. Below that box you will see the Paint button. Click the Paint button to apply the glitter to the part of the image that you clicked.


Last Step

You should see your image in the middle bottom panel and it should be filled in with the glitter that you just chose to paint with. You will need to do this for the entire image. You can use different glitter presets for your image. You do not have to use the same preset for the entire image. In my image of my name I used two colors. I used the blue glitter for my background and the black glitter for my name. These graphics actually sparkle. But I saved mine as a jpeg file to upload it to Associated Content, so mine will not sparkle.

Once you have finished your image, you will need to save it. Go to the top of the program and click File gt; Save. When the window opens, locate a place to save your graphic and type in a name for it. Upload your graphic and then you can use it on MySpace.

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