A Guide To Learn Python In The Best Way Possible

A Guide To Learn Python In The Best Way Possible
A Guide To Learn Python In The Best Way Possible

The versatility of Python is not hidden from all of you. Python is a high-level programming language which can be used to create websites, applications, machine learning algorithms or even autonomous drones. People from the past have been using languages like C, JAVA, C++ etc to create mobile applications whereas the web applications include usage of PHP, HTML etc. From an age where JAVA was at the top, Python has attained an identity of its own. Most of the companies in today’s world have been using Python for its multipurpose usage.

A very large population of programmers uses Python for development. Python has come out to be famous for good. Python is a multipurpose, multifunctional and versatile language. It gives you the power to create almost everything with a simple approach.


Learning to program in a language gives you power in it. The feeling cannot be expressed. You are the master of your own deeds. But learning a language can be intimidating. It takes a lot of efforts from your side to learn to code and get the expertise in it. Learning to write a code needs you to know the syntax which can be really boring. And the syntax learning also needs time. Normally, it takes about two to three months to learn the syntax properly if you are a beginner. Not only this, whether you have to develop your website or an application, each has their own set of rules and regulations that you need to learn. Each of these requires you to give about 2-3 long months in order to be able to do something. Talking about this, let’s know what exactly python is.

What exactly is Python?

A python is an object-oriented, high-level programming language. The language has a high-level data structure inbuilt that is combined with dynamic binding and dynamic typing which makes it attractive and appealing for rapid application development. You can also use it as a scripting language to connect the components together. Python is simple and also easy to learn; the syntax emphasizes readability and also reduces the cost of maintenance of the program. Python encourages code reuse and program modularity. It makes the code easy to be used. Programmers find this language extremely interesting and go live with this language because of the productivity it provides. There is no compilation step and the editing, testing and debugging is really fast. Programmers love python for the productivity that it provides. You will never get a segmentation error while working with python.

Normally people have this assumption that learning the syntax is the most important aspect of learning python whereas, in reality, it is half of the truth. The best way to learn a language is through practice. You need to practice very hard to be able to work with the language and develop something out of it. The best ways to learn python can be stated as follows:

  1. Find your Motivation: learning python is not a big deal but before you get started you need to know why you wish to start in the first place. Find the reason behind it. Set your motivation. Your motivation should be something to last you throughout the course. Set an end goal that will help you stay motivated. You need not figure out the exact project but just the area of your interest. Python deals with many fields including data sciences, machine learning, mobile apps, web apps, scripts, games etc. Figure out and get started!
  2. Learning the Syntax: after having found your interest area, it is mandatory to learn the syntax. The syntax can in no way be ignored. You need to know how to use each and every syntax, to be able to dive deeper into your projects. In order to learn the basics, you need to go for some tutorial or read from the book. The best tutorial and practice choices available on the internet are:
  • Code Academy: this site provides you with the tutorial as well as challenges to learn better. You can thoroughly learn your basics from this site.
  • Tutorials Point: it is another site to give a good understanding of the syntax.
  • Books such as learn python the hard way can also be really helpful. The data quest which is a beginner course to learn python and the python main site has more than sufficient resources to help you learn the language.
  • Learning syntax is easy, and should not take a lot of time. It is advised to spend the minimum amount of time on these syntaxes. You should not spend more than a month on it by any means. You only need to know how to apply it in various places and thoroughly understand what each of the statement says.
  • Practising: there are a large number of online sites which hold quests for your success. You can use the material, the coding challenges and hackathons that they provide you with to enhance your skills in coding. The challenges are brain wrecking and you need to be able to think in every possible way. They are the ultimate source for overall growth of one’s thinking and are extremely helpful in enhancing one’s capability to think in broader terms. You come across various real-life challenges that help you to grow in the best possible way. You get to tackle problems within a set time limit.
  • Making your own structured projects: having learned the syntaxes and practising, you are now capable of making projects of your own. Projects are a great source of knowledge. When you apply things practically you learn a lot more than mere theoretical stuff. When you get to apply numerous concepts together, you will be able to retain your knowledge for a fairly long time than you would have otherwise. You will also push your capabilities and enhance your skills. These projects will also help you during employment.
  • Remember, that you may get stuck a lot of times. You cannot hope to succeed in one go, so you need to keep trying and work majorly on core structured ideas to get better.

    Best Tutorial Sites and Options

    There are hundreds of sites that provide study material for learning python. Similarly, there are hundreds of tutorial options for you available online as well as offline. If you feel the need to go for a tutorial here is a list of few best choices that you might come across:

    1. Code Academy: it is the most widely known tutorial point to learn languages like python. It is a free learning centre. It is special as it allows you to write the code directly into the browser and you get the results instantly. This feature is extremely useful as it separates the need for setting up a development environment to work on. The tutorials on this page will guide in every way to help you learn better.
    2. Tutorials point: it is another site similar to code academy. It offers free tutorials and material and also allows you to work on the browser window directly. The tutorials are the most comprehensive ones that you can find on the internet. Even a layman can understand it well. Further step by step you begin with the tasks, heading from a very low level to an extremely high level. The comprehensive guide consists of the advanced topics like CGI and database access which is normally not covered in the other courses.
    3. Python challenge: if you are one of those people who like to be challenged in every step of their journey. They would rather learn from challenges than to sit and be taught in the lectures. It puts upon a slight pressure on you which is challenging to work. The site is extremely ugly but the challenges are nof2f to be missed. It consists of 33 levels of codes with a count of over 2 million visitors till date.

    There are many other sites that offer you video lectures taking your from the very basics to the ultimately advanced level concepts. There are many paid courses which help you learn the language easily. If you have no problem in opting for a paid course you can visit these tutorial sites.

    Books are your best friends and the best way to learn python if you can is through these books. Some of the very famous books that people often come across are:

    • Learn python the hard way: it is one of the most widely used books to learn python. The book contains all the FAQs that people tend to ask. You get a whole lot of practice questions and the theory is explained in the best way possible.
    • Think Python: how to think like a computer scientist: this book also has the complete fundamentals and will help you learn the language easily.

    Furthermore, there are many other ways to grow each day. Once you complete your structured project work, you can take up hundreds of projects of your own. You ought to learn to debug the various kinds of errors. There are sites where you can post your doubts. The online portals are free and allow you to post your doubts on them. Stack Overflow is a community where the programming issues are posted and discussed regularly. Being a part of such communities can also be extremely helpful. When you master the debugging process you are all set to work on your projects. There are hundreds of projects you can take up and with every project you do, your clarity on the concept will go on to increase. Make sure you select some really good projects for yourself.


    Tips for Selecting the Best Project for Yourself

    • Since by now you have already worked on the structured projects, it is advisable to extend those projects further and increase the functionality.
    • Go for meetups and discover the various projects that the people have been taking up in your locality and other places.
    • There are numerous open source projects that you can easily contribute to. Search for those projects and find a suitable one for yourself.
    • Work with some organization and try to find out if the local non-profits are looking for developers and volunteers. It will provide you with a great opportunity to learn and grow.
    • You can also browse the net for the most interesting ideas on the internet.
    • Think about the general problems that each of you are facing, the tools that would make our lives easier and work upon it. This will make all the difference.

    There are endless videos available online especially on youtube which can give you the best ideas for your projects. People have also shared their experiences and loopholes that they came across during their journey. These experiences can help you avoid mistakes which can otherwise lead to failure. These tips and tricks shared by the experts also work out in a positive way most of the time. If you are stuck, you can browse YouTube and the doubt will mostly be available there. You can make good use of the comment section and get your doubts cleared. It is advisable to join committees online for clearing doubts and having an active discussion. Participating in active challenges will also help you grow. Participate in the real-life projects and working with industries will give you exposure and you will be able to access how exactly the working in big organizations are carried out.

    Python programming has outgrown and has come out to be the most popular programming language. The demand for the python programmers has tremendously increased and hence people are opting to learn this language. The python tutorials are a necessity for many and people have been trying to master the languages in the best possible way. Learning python can give your career a boost and can also lead you to stand out from the crowd.

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