A Guide to Extracting Files with WinRAR

A Guide to Extracting Files with WinRAR
A Guide to Extracting Files with WinRAR

Obviously at some point, users will want to extract their compressed files. WinRAR extracts files just as quickly as it compresses them. If users have compressed the files with another program, download and install WinRAR. The install runs from a wizard. Choose the defaults and users will be able to compress and extract with ease.

2 Methods to Extract

There are two main methods to extract files through WinRAR. Both are extremely quick and allow for plenty of user interaction.



The first method is the quickest. Simply right click the file users want to extract and choose which option works best for users. The options are Extract Files, Extract Here, and Extract to [UsersrFolderName].

  • Extract Files lets users choose the extraction folder and extract users’ files into that folder, overwrite existing files, or just add new files to the compressed folder.
  • Extract Here lets users extract to the current folder.
  • Extract to [YourFolderName] allows users to create a folder and extract it to that location.


The second method works just as well, but involves a few more steps. Open WinRAR. Go to File – Open Archive. Browse to the desired file. Press Open. WinRAR then lists all the files in the archived file. Users can choose exactly which files, if users do not want to extract all the files, to extract. Users can also choose where to extract the files.

While WinRAR has the list open, users can view their files without actually having to extract them. This allows users to save space and still view files with no problems.

During both methods a progress window shows the user how many files have been extracted. The process is extremely fast, so this screen should disappear shortly.


Third Method?

A third option actually exists, but does not actually involve WinRAR for the extraction. Some executable files compressed with WinRAR will automatically extract when they are run. This allows users without WinRAR to run the file.

Space concerns are a constant with computer users. With WinRAR, many of those concerns are taken care of. Users should love having the option to archive files easily. With a fast extraction process, using compressed files has never been easier.

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